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The client wanted a special “one off” design for an extension. The first step was for our creative design team to meet with the client to run through ideas and discuss various options. Among many other ideas, a design featuring a turret was discussed and really caught the client’s imagination. So, it was decided that was “the one”. It was to have glass from bottom to top and around and a glass staircase inside which curved with the round shape of the turret.

Once the design and planning was completed (6 months!!) we set about construction. We estimated 5 months to complete the build. 30 truck loads of soil were dug out and removed. This gave us a good depth to work to and a spacious safe working zone. Specialist basement waterproofing was fitted, foundations were laid and the circular walls were constructed so by now you could really get a feel for how the finished project would appear. The circular walls made a nice change from the usual straight ones (not sure if the bricky shared our enthusiasm!). The roof was design and built by one of our company directors, a carpenter by trade. He looked to the past for inspiration in roof design and construction. The inside of the roof was to be a visible feature so had to be constructed to the highest finish possible.

After the roofing was complete we were able to start on the interior alterations. The curving oak staircase we had designed and had made locally fitted perfectly. All internal works were finished including a few quirky bits for the client’s children.

The whole build was delivered on time and the client loved it immensely. It was beyond their expectations. This project was a good example of how we were able to take inspiration from history as well as utilising 21st century techniques and technology. The result was a very happy client and a functional, beautiful living space.

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